I've started work on version 0.2 of Aquameta, on the v0.2 branch. You can follow changes here:


One objective of v0.2 is to develop a set of crash course documentation for folks who already know a thing or two about web development and databases. Here is where we're at so far:


The quickstart goes over install of v0.2 via Docker and then a creating a very simple Hello World app. The cheatsheet gives a lightening-speed overview of Aquameta features and recommended dev patterns.

This is the very best documentation available at this time. I'll do my best to provide support and answer questions, but please be aware that until we reach version 1.0, the whole framework is subject to change without notice. Further, some things aren't really possible without intimate knowledge of both PostgreSQL and the Aquameta stack. Other things are broken and I'm probably not going to take a ton of time to explain how to work around some bug or architecture flaw with some dreadful hack that nobody should ever learn in the first place. That means you might not be able to do something at all without reading the source code.

If your expectation is a stable and well-documented platform, please wait until we get to v1.0. For more on this utterly fascinating topic :-P check out the Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 spec, which we are loosely adhering to, particularly the section on what to expect from pre-1.0 code:


If this mountain of FUD still hasn't scared you away, tip of the hat. Having some extra eyeballs on the docs would be great, and I hope you give them a shot and let me know how it goes! For what it's worth, I am using Aquameta for some side-projects and having a very good time with it!